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P02 - High-resolution proteomic analysis of native TRPC channels in the mammalian brain

Mammalian TRPC channels operate as co-incidence detectors integrating multiple signal transduction pathways at the plasma membrane of central neurons. We will our recently established approach of ‘functional proteomics‘ to unravel the subunit composition of native TRPC channels in the mammalian brain and to get insight into the molecular mechanisms behind the complex TRPC-signaling.



Figure. Proteomic workflow

Native TRPC channels are high-molecular weight complexes (of around 1-1.2 MDa) whose subunit composition will be analyzed by our ‘functional proteomics’ approach comprising (i) multi-epitope affinity-purification(s) of appropriately solubilized TRPC complexes and (ii) high-resolution mass spectrometry.