Transregional Collaborative Research Centre 152

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Curriculum Vitae

Advanced Professional Positions

  • 2009 – present Senior Researcher, TU Munich, Institute for Neuroscience
  • 2003 – 2009 Researcher (C1), LMU Munich, Institute of Physiology and TU Munich, Institute for Neuroscience, Head of institutes: Arthur Konnerth

Professional Experience and Postdoctoral Training

  • 1999 – 2003 Postdoctoral Fellow, Institute for Physiology, Saarland University, Homburg and TU and LMU Munich (Institutes of Physiology), Advisor: Arthur Konnerth
  • 1995 – 1998 Postdoctoral Fellow, Max-Delbrück-Center for Molecular Medicine, Berlin, Advisor: Helmut Kettenmann

Academic Education

  • 2009 Habilitation (Neurosciences), TU Munich, Medical Faculty, Mentor: Arthur Konnerth
  • 1995 Dr. rer. nat. Max-Planck-Institute for Medical Research, Ruprecht-Karls-University Heidelberg, Mentor: Manfred Lindau
  • 1990 Diploma (Biophysics), Dept. of Biophysics, Humboldt University Berlin, Mentor: Roland Glaser


  • Stroh O, Freichel M, Kretz O, Birnbaumer L, Hartmann J, Egger V. NMDA-receptor dependent synaptic activation of TRPC channels in olfactory bulb granule cells. J Neurosci 32:5737-46, 2012.
  • Gugger OS, Hartmann J, Birnbaumer L, Kapfhammer JP. P/Q-type and T-type calcium channels, but not type 3 transient receptor potential cation channels, are involved in inhibition of dendritic growth after chronic metabotropic glutamate receptor type 1 and protein kinase C activation in cerebellar Purkinje cells. Eur J Neurosci 35:20-33, 2011.
  • Hartmann J, Dragicevic E, Adelsberger H, Henning HA, Sumser M, Abramowitz J, Blum R, Dietrich A, Freichel M, Flockerzi V, Birnbaumer L, Konnerth A. TRPC3 channels are required for synaptic transmission and motor coordination. Neuron 59:392-398, 2008.
  • Bosman LW, Takechi H, Hartmann J, Eilers J, Konnerth A. Homosynaptic long-term synaptic potentiation of the "winner" climbing fiber synapse in developing Purkinje cells. J Neurosci 28:798-807, 2008
  • Hartmann J, Blum R, Kovalchuk Y, Adelsberger H, Kuner R, Durand GM, Miyata M, Kano M, Offermanns S, Konnerth A. Distinct roles of Gαq and Gα11 for Purkinje cell signaling and motor behavior. J Neurosci 24:5119-5130, 2004.