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P16 - TRP function and oxygen signalling in the lung

The overall relevance of TRP channels for homeostatic lung function is still elusive. By analysis of TRP-deficient mouse models, essential functions of TRPC1- TRPC7 and TRPA1 channels in oxygen signaling in the lung will be defined. The general goal of this project is to dissect the role of TRP channels and identify TRP-activating pathways in pulmonary epithelial, endothelial and smooth muscle cells as well as cells involved in lung myofibroblast differentiation. The impact of TRP channels on hypoxic pulmonary hypertension and hyperoxic/bleomycin-induced lung fibrosis will be investigated. This approach will help identify new pharmacological targets to restore pulmonary hemodynamics and gas exchange.



Figure. Pathophysiological changes in lung cells during pulmonary hypertension, edema formation and lung fibrosis as well as summary of TRPC, TRPA1 expression patterns in these cells. Graphical illustration of changes in (1) pulmonary arterial vessels before and after chronic hypoxic vasoconstriction (bottom left) and (2) in the alveolar capillary, epithelial and endothelial barrier as well as the interstitium (left top and bottom) during bleomycin/hyperoxia-induced lung fibrosis.


Alexander Dietrich

Prof. Dr. Alexander Dietrich

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich