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P10 - Novel TRP channel functions in olfaction

This project investigates novel functional roles for TRP channels in neuronal processing and homeostatic regulation of the mammalian olfactory system and closely related chemosensory systems. The project will focus on the function and signaling mechanisms of TRPM5 in pathogen sensing and defensive responses of the nasal respiratory epithelium, TRPM4 in hormonal modulation of vomeronasal sensory neurons, and TRPC5 and TRPC6 in rhythmically active brain neurons of the hypothalamus that underlie neuroendocrine control. These experiments will provide a concerted effort for a detailed understanding of novel TRP channel functions in peripheral and central olfactory regions.

Trese Leinders-Zufall

Prof. Dr. Trese Leinders-Zufall

Saarland University

+49 6841 1616390

Frank Zufall

Prof. Dr. Frank Zufall

Saarland University

+49 6841 16 26450