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P14 - The kinase-coupled TRPM7 channel as a regulator of immune system homeostasis

The channel-enzyme TRPM7 has been implicated in lymphocyte function. We found that its enzymatic activity is required for homing and alloreactivity of lymphocytes in the gut and pro-inflammatory T-helper-17 cell differentiation via phosphorylation of SMAD2. Here, we will test the therapeutic potential of new TRPM7 kinase inhibitors in averting acute graft-versus-host disease and chronic lymphocytic leukemia cell activation and proliferation. To get further mechanistic insight, how TRPM7 controls human lymphocyte function, we will use a translational approach. This will have tremendous therapeutic implications on human stem cell transplantation and leukemia.

Susanna Zierler

Dr. Susanna Zierler

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich