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P16 - Role of TRP channels in barrier function and pathological remodeling of the respiratory system

Cells of the lung alveolus and tracheal region produce surfactant, which is next to macrophages essential for barrier function. We aim to study the involvement of TRPV4 channels in the secretion of surfactant as well as TRPV2 and TRPM2 function in macrophages of the respiratory system Moreover, pathological remodeling of the lung as a side effect after radiotherapy is an important dose-limiting factor. We will analyse roles of TRPC6 and TRPM2 for radiation-induced lung fibrosis as well as TRPA1 function for inhibition of fibroblast to myfibroblast transition as key event in the development of lung fibrosis.

Alexander Dietrich

Prof. Dr. Alexander Dietrich

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich