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P11 - Windows into the brain: Genetic analyses of TRP-channel function(s) in the homeostasis control center

The median eminence (ME) is a circumventricular organ at the base of the brain and a central hub controlling body homeostasis. Using genetic labeling, we have identified populations of TRPA1 pars tuberalis cells, TRPC4 pericytes and TRPML3 tanycytes in the ME and will characterize the functional role of these cells in the mouse brain. Using transcriptional profiling and confocal Ca2+ imaging of acute brain slice preparations, we will I) characterize signaling pathways in these cells, II) analyze TRPA1, TRPC4 and TRPML3 channel function in this brain area via virally mediated CRISP/Cas conditional knock-out and III) pharmacogenetically activate these cells and analyze their contribution to body homeostasis.

Ulrich Boehm

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Boehm

Saarland University

+49 6841 1647879