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P21 - OCaR1 and OCaR2 as gatekeepers of cardiac function and primary homeostasis

In P21 we aim to analyze the function of OCaR (Organellar Ca2+ regulator) proteins, which functionally interact with endolysosomal channels of the TRP family, for Ca2+ homeostasis in cardiomyocytes. In vivo, the relevance of OCaR2 and its interplay with Lysosomal-SR junctional channels will also be analyzed for cardiac contractility, pathological remodeling and Ca2+-overload evoked arrhythmias. We will investigate the role of OCaR2 proteins for platelet activation by measurements of aggregation, Ca2+ signaling as well as by assays evaluating platelet secretion and thrombosis formation in vivo.

Marc Freichel

Prof. Dr. Marc Freichel

University of Heidelberg