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P20 - Central vs. peripheral TRP ion channels in thermoregulation

A fundamental characteristic of homeothermic mammals is the ability to regulate internal body core temperature within a narrow range around 37°C. Members of the TRP ion channel family have long been known to participate in temperature detection in the peripheral nervous system. But how the central hypothalamic thermoregulatory centre detects inner (deep brain) temperature fluctuations and how this information is integrated with peripheral temperature information to guarantee body temperature homeostasis, is largely unknown. We postulate that hypothalamic TRP ion channels also have a thermosensory function. We propose a multidisciplinary approach, using mouse genetics, electrophysiology and chemogenetic manipulations in vivo to contribute to our understanding how hypothalamic thermosensitive neurons and their underlying TRP ion channels regulate body temperature.

Jan Siemens

Prof. Dr. Jan Siemens

University of Heidelberg