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Z02 - The trp zoo: a combinatorial genetic approach to visualize and manipulate TRP-expressing cells

The platform project

(i) serves as a repository of mouse lines,

(ii) will generate conditional TRP-deficient mouse strains (so far half of the TRP-deficient lines are global knock-outs only),

(iii) will provide mouse lines allowing to visualize and manipulate TRP-expressing cells and

(iv) will support analysis of distribution and preparative FACS of specific TRP-expressing cell populations. Individual CRC projects wishing to pursue these techniques or generate and analyze mice take advantage of Z02, e.g. via “short scientific missions”.

Ulrich Boehm

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Boehm

Saarland University

+49 6841 1647879

Veit Flockerzi

Prof. Dr. Veit Flockerzi

Saarland University

+49 6841 1626400