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Z02 - The trp zoo: a combinatorial genetic approach to visualize and manipulate TRP-expressing cells

The platform project will continue to I) develop and generate TRP-Cre driver mouse strains to visualize and manipulate primary TRP-expressing cells, II) systematically profile TRP-expression throughout the entire body of juvenile and adult TRP-Cre/floxed reporter mice. The results obtained in II) will be made available to the consortium in online TRP atlases in 2D and 3D (based on iDISCO whole organ clearing followed by lightsheet imaging) to provide TRP expression profiles in all anatomical regions of interest for the individual projects. Z02 will continue to III) support preparative sorting of TRP-Cre/floxed reporter cells, IV) develop and generate conditional trp alleles and V) serve as a repository of mouse lines.

Ulrich Boehm

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Boehm

Saarland University

+49 6841 1647879